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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Commemorative stamp

Religious Place Series 2011 (1)

1. Deuti Bajal, Surkhet

The Deuti Bajai temple, Located in Surkhet District, headquarters of the Mid west development Region, is considered a famous Shaktipeeth (shrine of power). Covering an area of 858 sz fit. the temple is 12 fit high. An idol on the Goddess is placed in the sanctum sanctorum, which is 1.5 fit high and 3 fit in diameter, of this temple. Located at a distance of 6 km east of the Birendra Nagar Bazar, the temple covers an area of 6 kattha.
Large numbers of devotees flock the Deuti Bajai Temple especially on important Hindu festivals Every year, thousands of people visit the temple. there is a tradition of sacrificing male-goats. King Birendra had stopped the tradition of sacrificing pigeons, saying that the Goddess doesn't partake of sacrificial offerings. Now a days, pairs of pigeons are offered to the Goddess in the temple. There is a popular belief that ritual workshipping to the Deuti Bajai, Who holds the faith of innumerable devotees, will bring one's wishes true.

2. Badimalika, Bajura

Badimalika is situated at Kailashmandu vdc the south eastern part of Bajura district. Badimalika situated at the attitude of 14500 ft. from the sea level has been bordered with Karnali River to the east, Budhiganga and Kailas hill to the west, beautiful pastoral land to the North and Achham district to the south. Badimalika has been surrounded with Ramaroshan area. Martadi, Kolti, Raskot etc. most attractive valleys. The worldly famous tourist destinations as Khaptad, Rara Lake, Jwalakshetra (flaming area) Manasorower, and Mt. Kailas are situated to its vicinity. Doubtlessly this place can be charecterized as the playground of nature.
Badimalika is termed differently as Malikadevi, Malika Mai, Malika Bhagwati Devi, Malikamata etc in different places of Khas region. One of the holiest Hindu Script 'Skandapuran' has mentioned that Badimalika was originated as the embodiment of Shakti (power) where the left organ of Goodness 'Satidevi' fell. Every year, a worshipping celebration is held at the main temple of Badimalika in the day of 'Gangadasara' and Shrawan fourteenth day of lunar bright and also a fair is held for a long time from Shrawan twelfth day of Lunar bright forth night to 'Janai Purnima'.
Beside its religions, historical and cultural significance, the importance of this area 'Badimalika' is yet to be explored in respect to its availability of herbal plants, forestry, grassland, water resources, pastur land and tourism potentialities.

3. Bhagawati Temple, Tansen Palpa

Rebuilt by the then governor of Palpa Colonel Usir Singh Thapa th mark the victory over British India troops in 1815. As the temple is an artistic two stories Pagoda Style Temple located in the heart of town. Although, the temple is small structure but, it holds immense religious significance.
The chariots processions on every Bhadrakrishna Nawami falls in August and see deity idol are taken out throughout the town.

4. Gajurmukhi Dham, Ilam

A temple of Gajurmukhi Goddess is in located in the stiff of the Tobhang village, the bank of Deumai river, Ilam.
This is known as one important and famous religious temple of Ilam, where people believe that regarding their wish they get child and can speak who are disable. A big religious fair goes on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima.

5. Bhatbhateni Mai, Kathmandu

The ancient idols of god Bhatbhateni is situated in Kathmandu Municipality, ward no. 5 at Bhatbhateni. It is believed that Padmagiri dynasty was the first one to reveal about the god and goddess Bhatbhateni. Later during Lichhavi period, Bhatbhateni emerged with the blessing of lord Bishnu and from here onwards Bhatbhateni announced himself as king and started ruling, then Bishalnagar kingdom.
It is believed that the idols of gods present in the temple of Bhatbhateni's mother Tundal Devi (Torandevi), and the scriptures written on it during king Mandev's reign are the avidences to suggest that the arise oa Bhatbhateni took place during Lichhiavi period or even bofore it (during Kirat period).
Bhatbhateni is worshipped in the form of lord Bishnu, Brahma, Laxmi, Krishna, Shiva, Parvati, Durga etc. People specially bring their children from different places of Nepal to visit the temple, as it is believed that Bhatbhateni god has the power to heal the children throubled by black magic evil powers, witchcratf etc. Worshippers from all over the country also know Bhatbhateni by the name of "Nepal Ama" & "Aakash Devi" Every year starting from the day of Chaitra Shukla Chaturdashi 'Bhatbhateni Jatra' is celebrated for five days.

Technical Details:
1. Subject                     :           1. Deuti Bajai, Surkhet
                                                2. Badimalika, Bajura
                                                3. Bhagawati Temple, Tansen Palpa
                                                4. Gajurmukhi Dham, Ilam
                                                5. Bhatbhaneti, Kathmandu
2. Denomination           : 1. Rs. 2 each 2. Rs. 1 each 3. Rs. 2 each 4. Rs. 5 each
3. Size                          : 42.5 X 31.5 mm
3. Format                     : Horizontal
5. Color                       : Four colors with phosphot print
6. Sheet Composition   : 20 Stamps each sheet
7. Issue Year                : 2011


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