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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Commemorative stamp

Visit Nepal Series 2011

1. Badhaiya Taal

 The natural lake lies in Saurahawa and Mainapokhar VDCs, 20 km to the east of Gulariya, the headquarters of Bardiya district. Once spanning a large area, due to human encroachment, its area has now shrunk to 103 bigha, 5 kattha and 17.5 dhur. Well- endowed with bio diversity, local species of fish and local and migrant birds inhabit the laka.

2. Mural Paintings of Phodaling and Luri cave, Upper Mustang

 Lo Mustang in one of the potential archaeological site in Nepal, having abundant evidences. It is located at an altitude of 3750 m. in the Trans Himalayan route and has semi arid climate. It is rich in indigenous biodiversity and its cultural heritages. Organic sample found in cave system D revealed that cave settlement in Muktinath valley might have been started more than 4000 B.C. Petrography study carried out in Kak nyingba, Samar proved to be the settlement of Neolithic period. Likewise, cave study in Lower Mustang undertaken by the Department of Archaeology nad University of Cologne, Germany found here the cultural evidences of 8th century B.C. Lo Mustang is famous for its North and South salt trade route which joins Tibet and India through Nepal.
Tangbay, Chuksang, Chaile, Ghyagar, Samar, Ghiling, Ghimi, Marang, Charang, Lomanthang, Namgyal, Tingkar, Choser, Dhi, Yaraghara, Tangya are the settlements of Upper Mustang. Numerous caves are in Chuksang, Samar, Tamagaon, Charang, Dhi, Ghemi, Marchung and Tangya. A team consisting Peter Athans, Brot Coburn, Liesel, Luigi, Sukasagar Shrestha and Prakash Darnal surveyed the caves from 15th March to 3rd April 2007. Phodaling cave has around 70 flute, palm tree, mankey and woman reminiscent of the paintings of Ajanta cave. Vajrapani found from here in similar to Alchi monastery of Ladakh dated 8=9 century A.D. These caves are still preserved because they are now inaccessible to people. There fore, the concern authority should investigate and conserve it to promote the tourism development.

3. Mt. Mera Peak
Mera peak which falls under the Khumbu mountain range of Sagarmatha zone in one of the atractive peak which lies in the 27°46'40" latitude with a height of 6654 m. above sea level. The popular caravan route (Kathmandu-Jiri-Seti-Kharikhola-Kote Khahare Besi) leads to the Mera peak. Mountaineers are attracted to this magnificent mountain. Because of its low risk factor it is considered popular among. Mountains which are used for and lessons before mountineers attempt high climbing training mountains which are more than 8000 meter high.

4. Panch Pokhari

 Panch Pokhari (The five lake) the group of five holy lakes situated northeast part of Sindhupalchowk district. Panch Pokhari is pilgrimage site for Hindues and in has five holy lakes at an elevation 4462 mtr.
The area presents cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty and vibrant biological diversity. There are breathtaking panoromic view of Mt. Jugal Himal and Mt. Rowling Himalayan Range and pristine nature with district ethnic culture adds extra significance of the place for these who enjoy nature.
The area is inhabited by ethnic group of Sherpa, Tamang, Gurungs, Chhettries, Brahamins and Newars.

Technical Details:
1. Subject                     :           1. Badhaiya Taal
2. Mural Painting of Phodaling and Luri cave,
    Upper Mustang                               
                                                3. Mt. Mera Peak
                                                4. Panch Pokhari
2. Denomination           : 1. Rs. 10 each 2
3. Size                          : 42.5 X 31.5 mm
3. Format                     : Horizontal
5. Color                       : Four colors with phosphot print
6. Sheet Composition   : 20 Stamps each sheet
7. Issue Year                : 2011

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