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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Commemorative stamp

Religious Place Series 2011 (2)

1. Seto Machhendranath, Kathmandu

The chariot procession of the deity Seto Machhendranath os one of the major festivals celebrated in the Kathmandu valley. His temple is located at the courtyyard of Machhendra Bahal, also known as Kanak Chaitya Mahabihar, which lies between Asan and Indra chowck. Seto Machhendranath is worshipped as the deity of longevity and health. He is a Bodhisattva with thousands of incarnations, and is the guru of Gorakhanath.
The annual tradition of pulling the chariot began in NS 777 during the reign of King Pratap Malla. On the eighth day of the bright half of Chaitra, the idol of Seto Machhendranath is placed on a 32 cubit tall chariot and pulled through the historic part of Kathmandu to provide devotees and opportunity to see the deity from their homes. Starting at Jamal, the three day procession passed through Bhotahiti, Asan and Indra chowck bofore ending at Lagan.
According to a chinese traveller who visited India in 399 AD, Seto Machhendranath is also popular in India, China, Korea and Japan besides Nepal. Chinese chronicles also mention that a temple didicated to him stands on Malay Mountain.

2. Sri Baidhynath Temple, Achham
Shi Baidhynath temple in Achham district in the far west development region is a distric pilgrim site bearing a unique background among the famous religious and archaeological pilgrimages in Nepal. Sri Baidhynath's Jyotiralinga has its abode in the confluence of the Madya Saraswoti and Briddaganga of the valley.
The significance of this temple and the holy site of the temple area are mentioned in Hindu scriptures. According to the Shivmahapurana, published by the Pashupati Bikas Kosh Ravana himself eulogizes Lord Mahadev that, when he was trying to cut off all his ten heads in the course of a religious penance, Lord Mahadev, pleased with he's devotion, appeared in the form of Jyotilinga, treating him like a doctor, rejoining all his ten heads. In Manaskhanda, it is mentioned that Lord Mahadev himself has said that those visiting this region and workshopping here shall receive liberation. Considering its historical importance. Sri Baidhynath is considered as the family deity of the ancient sinja empire.
Big fairs are held on Mahashivaratri, Holi (Fagu Purnima), Bisusankranti in the Sri Baidhynath area. In B.S. 2045, Sri Baidhynath area Development committee was founded in order to keep the religious, historical and tourism significance of the area. The corporation has been active in activities, including diverse promotional and physical infrastructure construction, For the development of this area.

3. Siddha Ratannath Temple, Dang

 Siddha Ratannath temple is situated in Ghorahi Municipality of Dang district in the Mid-western development region. Availability of local transportation service has made it easy to reach this place, which lies 2 km to the east of Ghorahi, the district head quarter of Dang To the east of the temple area lies Sishnekhola, to the west Katuwakhola to the south Haridwargram and to the north Dabari and Mahabharat mountain range.
Although the date of founding of the Siddha Ratannath temple, one of the famous pilgrimage sites, cannot be ascertained, it is found mentioned that the then King Ratna Parikshak of the Dang Deukhuri region laid the foundation of the temple region in his name after receiving his initiation from Sri Goraksha Nath almost 1,300 years ago. Sri Ratan mentions that the initiated Ratannath, after receiving initiation, had visited Kabul, Peshawar, Kandaha of Afghanistan in course of his travels, where the emperor had conferred him with the title of (Raja) "pear". Bacause of this there is a custom of selecting new "peea" every year on the day of Falgun Krishna Bijaya Ekadashi up to now. Owing to its religious significance, thousands of piligrims visit this temple every year.

4. Yatasher Jangachheuling Gompa (Monastery)

 Yatashe Jangachheuling Gompa (Monastery) is the Bhot region of Saldang v.d.c. 1 of Dolpa District. Situated in the upper part of the district, this is the biggest monastery in the district. This monastery dating back by 700 years, carries historical and archaeological significance. It has a collection of stone inscriptions of the king of Jumla, bearing archaeological importance. In this monastery, 150 Buddhist priests conduct peace worships in the morning and evening regularly, and special worships are conducted at a large fair in the month of Magh once a year. A large number of tourists and pilgrims from the neighboring districts of Humla, Jumla, Mugu, Dolpa and Tibet come here to pay obeisance to and observe the monastery. Pilgrims also come from other parts of the county. If the religious, cultural and archaeological importance of this monastery, located in the remote Karnali region, which is lagging far behind in terms of development, could be protected and promoted, it would contribute to the multi-dimensional development of the whole region by enhancing tourism activities.

Technical Details:
1. Subject                     :           1. (a) Seto Machhendra nath, Kathmandu
                                                    (b) Seto Machhendra nath, Chariot
                                                2. Sri Baidhynath Temple, Achham
                                                3. Siddha Ratan nath Temple, Dang
                                                4. Yatasher Jangachheuling Gumpa
2. Denomination           : 1. Rs. 2 each 2. Rs. 5 each 3. Rs. 2 each 4. Rs. 25 each
3. Size                          : 42.5 X 31.5 mm
3. Format                     : Horizontal
5. Color                       : Four colors with phosphot print
6. Sheet Composition   : 20 Stamps each sheet
7. Issue Year                : 2011

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