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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Commemorative stamp

Commemorative stamp
Politician Ekdev Aale (1923-1968 AD)
Ekdev Aale was the active politician of Nepali democratic movement. He was born in 1923 AD at maanung- Archalathok of Tanahu Distric, Gandaki Zone, on the lap of mother Boimaya and father Pahal Sing Aale in an ordinary peasant family. He got recruited to the Gurkha regiment of the British Government at he age of 15. He fought th 2nd World war as a British Army and after the end of the World war he has been retired.
He was influenced by the ongoing 'Freedom Movement' of indian people and also came to known about 'martyrs' issue of 1997 B.S. in Nepal. when the Rana rulers had murdered the brabe children of Nepal mother on the cause of violation of their order and supermecy, then he committed to do fight against Rana ruler. He was devoted towards the political movement after he met to leader "Subas Chandra Bose", (Alad Hind) Force in Calcutta. And he joined in Nepali Mukti Sena of Nepal. He played successful role in liberating Birganj and Bandipur from the Rana rulers. He had also did leadership of the poor and landless farmers. He became life long political member from 2009 B.B. after joining with communist party and played active role for transformation of political, economic, social and cultural status of the nation. In 2023 B.S. he led the campaign of awaking and organizing Nepalese who have been compelled to go to the foreignl and seeking for livelihood and establishing Foreign Nepalese welfare Association for these people.
Ekdev Aale was passed away in 26 January, 1969 at the Darvanga Medical college of Bihar-India.
To honour his contribution to establish democracy in the country, The Postal Services Department of Nepal issues this commemorative Postage stamp depicting his portrait.

Technical Details:
1. Subject                     : Politician Ekdev Aale
2. Denomination           : Rs. 10
3. Size                          : 31.5 X 42.5 mm
4. Format                     : Vertical
5. Color                       : Four colors with phosphot print
6. Sheet Composition   : 50 Stamps each sheet
7. Issue Year                : 2011
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